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The Cost Benefits Of MaxEXP®
MaxEXP is a fully integrated, automated and proven technology solution. Our clients experience significant reductions in the time and cost of development allowing them to focus their resources on other ROI and marketing strategies. Here are some of the ways MaxEXP goes to work for you:

  • Streamlined business functions and processes
    MaxEXP acts as both an eCommerce solution and database management system that allows clients to streamline existing business functions and processes and to develop new, cost-efficient strategies to improve these processes. Uniform site management reduces training and support expense.
  • Integrated marketing and customer-care tools
    MaxEXP is equipped with advanced marketing and promotional tools developed to generate increased traffic and sales, and boost profits on client sites. Using MaxEXP comprehensive tracking and reporting features, site managers also can gain essential insights into their customers' behavior in order to make more informed decisions on future campaigns and promotions.
  • Operational and customer-service cost reduction
    With integrated modules specifically designed to handle order processing and fulfillment, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management and administrative management, MaxEXP is equipped to act as a stand-alone eBusiness and fulfillment tool, eliminating the need to purchase and integrate costly third-party add-ons for these functions.
  • B2B and B2C with ease
    MaxEXP allows you to have multiple stores managed in one place, saving you time and resources. Whether you have a dealer store only, several retail stores or a combination of these, MaxEXP allows access to all in one place for management with ease.
  • Complex products and services accommodation
    Unlike some eCommerce systems that accommodate only standard product types, MaxEXP is specifically designed to support complex products and service offerings.
  • Streamlined customization
    While MaxEXP can be effectively implemented in its native state, it also allows for effective, lower-cost customization to specific industry, market or client needs.
  • Flexible growth
    MaxEXP open standards-based modular architecture provides the flexibility and expandability that companies require as their business grows. Clients have the ability to add additional stores, services, features and capabilities to their existing site as the need arises without having to rebuild core systems or redesign their site architectures.
  • Advanced integration framework
    MaxEXP is designed around the concept that clients have implemented automation in key parts of their business, which may give them an edge over their competition. Order fulfillment, inventory management, customer service, finance and credit authorization systems may be part of the strategic or tactical solution that makes them better than a competitor. Our "open standards" integration framework was designed to provide maximum connectivity to these systems so they can continue to be an advantage.
  • Platform virtualization, cloud hosting
    The challenges of developing and maintaining a scalable, enterprise-class hosting environment to deliver a software platform like MaxEXP is at the forefront of our minds when it comes to planning for growth. We recognized the flexibility and benefits that virtualization can bring to the MaxEXP platform and our clients. We've discovered that developing a virtualized MaxEXP Platform would provide not only tremendous cost savings for SDM and its clients, but also would significantly enhance MaxEXP's scalability to meet the real-time demands of our clients.
  • Seamless, transparent upgrades
    MaxEXP clients may utilize new features and functionalities, such as advanced merchandising capabilities, without having to negotiate time and other resources from their IT staff. Minor upgrades to MaxEXP are provided as needed and/or on a monthly basis. These upgrades, all managed and implemented by San Diego Media, will usually be transparent to both clients and their online customers.