9 Things Your Ecommerce Website Needs to Sell More Products Online

9 Things Your Ecommerce Website Needs to Sell More Products Online

A comprehensive eCommerce platform is key to the success of any online business. There are a variety of tools out there to enhance your organization’s message, make buyer experience a breeze and increase your sales goals. But building a website for success can be complicated business – if it were easy, everyone would get it right. The good news is that San Diego Media is here is to help. Read below for the top nine features your eCommerce platform needs to sell more products online and how you can get them.

1. Responsive Web Design

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but the same can't be said for online shopping. A website's design will make a visitor decide whether to stay and take action or hit the road running. Your site has to have spark and be well organized to appeal to consumers, but it also has to automatically format to whatever device – be it a smartphone, tablet or computer – the customer is using. A platform that has a customizable design framework using HTML, CSS or other popular codes will allow you to create a responsive site that offers shopper personalization, provides live product data and looks good on all display platforms. 

2. SEO

Search engine optimization is a vital part of any inbound marketing strategy, and with people now spending more time online using mobile devices than desktops, a whole new world of SEO techniques is available for local search. Not having effective and unique content to develop your long-term SEO strategy will lower your SEO rankings and ultimately hurt your business. Use an eCommerce platform with search-friendly themes, optimized URLs, automatic sitemaps, header tags, titles and micro data to make your SEO shine so people can find your products instead of your competitors'.

3. Security

As your online storefront, your website is often the first impression customers have of your business. If it's not safe and secure, your reputation will be jeopardized. Without multiple layers of security, sensitive internal data may be modified, stolen or deleted. Technology solutions that offer perimeter and server-specific firewalls, file integrity scanners, intrusion detection software and 24/7 human monitoring are the best ways to protect your online presence and your reputation.

4. Selling Solutions

Reviews can make or break your business. A multipage checkout process complicates purchases. Abandoned shopping carts are money down the drain. A sophisticated ecommerce platform will effortlessly recover lost sales, allow you to easily repost product reviews on your website and send automatic emails to customers after they've made a purchase. In fact, San Diego Media's abandoned shopping cart feature recovers 15% of lost revenue and helps merchants increase sales by up to 50% on average. Simple solutions like these are key to upsizing sales and doubling your profits.

5. Quality Shipping

If you're shipping products, you need innovative mailing options that are efficiently built into your eCommerce platform. San Diego Media works with the only cloud-based eCommerce platform that features integration with ShipperHQ, the world's most sophisticated shipping rate calculator and rules engine. Now your ebusiness can easily generate rates at the country, state and postal code level. San Diego Media also offers built-in integration with Endicia, which allows you to print USPS shipping labels right from your control panel and save up to 60% on retail postage rates. Whether you're shipping products internationally or just locally, our cutting-edge technology solutions can help with less maintenance and a lower cost.

6. Web Analytics

Website analytics provide critical metrics about both your website and its visitors, including orders, visits and conversion rates. This information can be measured in two ways:

Quantitative analytics are a mathematical measurement that provides information about what brought prospects to your website.

Qualitative analytics are a subjective calculation that provides insight into how users are engaging with your content.

Both types of data give you a mastered interpretation of what is and is not working for your eCommerce site so you can increase your customer activity, boost advertising efficiency and continue to grow.

7. Social Media

There are more than 1 billion people on Facebook, so promoting your products on your business's Facebook page is imperative to growing your business. You can easily showcase your entire product catalog on the shop section of your Facebook page while driving the traffic back to your store for the checkout process. Plus, you can monitor both product views and click-through rates for more feedback. But don't forget Twitter and Pinterest! Twitter's Buy Now feature allows users to discover and purchase your products directly from a Tweet. Likewise, your consumers can check out right from Pinterest with a mobile-optimized experience that saves their shipping information for future purchases and allows payment via credit card or Apple Pay. Any product pinned from your store will automatically become a Buyable Pin.

8. Marketplace Retailers

The largest Internet retailer in North America, Amazon alone draws nearly 85 million unique monthly visitors, and guess what – it’s the merchants who are winning the most. Gain a larger audience using Amazon integration, which allows you to easily list and sell to more than 250 million active shoppers. Amazon enables higher levels of selling automation, which helps you to grow your business using the established Amazon sales channel.

9. Global Currency & Tax Structure

Why limit the growth of your business by only offering one language or only accepting one type of currency? San Diego Media's newest eCommerce platform supports the use of any language and currency for your products so that your business can reach consumers around the globe. In fact, our website platform is used by merchants from more than 150 countries. All tax configurations can be done within any country by using a built-in calculator, so you can say hello, konnichiwa, salut and hola to customers from all over the world. 

We've Got You Covered

All of these things, from the look and feel of your website to the buying experience, will work together to make your online business its most profitable and professional. What's even better is all the details listed here are available resources that San Diego Media offers for our eCommerce clients. Contact us today at 1.800.808.8696 or by filling out this brief e-form

Mar 23rd 2016 San Diego Media

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