Email Marketing

Email marketing has become one of the most cost-effective and powerful methods of marketing a company can have. Compared to other direct marketing solutions, emails cost a fraction of the price, receive higher response rates and are instantly measurable.

San Diego Media clients benefit from our full-service email marketing including:

Strategy and Planning
The rewards of permission-based marketing can be very high, but a strategic marketing plan is essential to creating successful email campaigns. Our team will assist in developing targeted email campaigns that increase profits and build customer loyalty.

Creative Design
Our design team will work with you to create eye-catching and brand-reinforcing email templates.

Professional Copywriting
Delivering the right message to potential customers is essential to creating a successful email campaign. Our team strives to create strategic, custom-tailored messages that grab the reader's attention and increase conversion rates.

Deliverability Testing
Before any email campaign is sent, it goes through a comprehensive test phase to maximize the deliverability of your email campaigns. We make sure that your email does not get classified as spam by testing numerous email platforms, filters and operating systems.

A/B Testing
To improve your campaigns' conversion rates we offer A/B testing setup and analysis. These tests can be set to analyze variables in your campaign like subject line, content and imagery to determine which result in the most opens, clicks and purchases.

Advanced Reporting
Measuring the success of a client's campaign is key. We offer numerous tracking features and functions and go much further than standard reporting to measure results so that you can be confident you made a good investment.