6 ideas to help craft your next social post

Even the most accomplished writers get blocked. What can help is to follow a framework that is tried and tested, and leverages the things you do day-to-day in your business.

Here are six ideas you can use to help craft your next social post:

  1. Industry posts
  2. Links to free resources
  3. Popular relevant podcast
  4. “On this day in history”
  5. Customer reviews and testimonials

Quick tips and Advice #ProTip

A great way to win is to start with the next milestone for your company - what is coming up next?
Maybe an anniversary?
A new product or service offering?
The grand opening of a new location (post covid)?

One of the best places to celebrate is on Instagram with a campaign focused on something that both you and your customer will care about - it creates authenticity and encourages more users to follow along. By making these personal connections you’re humanizing the business and building brand awareness.

Oct 22nd 2020

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