Cha Ching - 5 Ways To Monetize Transactional Emails

Cha Ching - 5 Ways To Monetize Transactional Emails

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Marketers have a lot on their plate and information overload can happens when there are so many new things to implement. But the one tried and true method that continues to blow away the competition of all social media and marketing concepts combined is email marketing and nurturing. That’s why email marketing is a specialized art form in itself – it gets results. But a crucial component to any email marketing strategy is to nurture your existing customers through ongoing transactional emails. Your existing customers are a treasure. They have invested in your product or service and they should know they are a prized possession in your business. Transactional emails are an opportunity to develop favor and vitality in new and existing consumer relationships that will prove to be beneficial for both parties.

Visual Branding: Make It Look Amazing

1. Visual Branding: Make It Look Amazing

Remember, a brand is more than a just a name and logo. The same zest and creative genius you dedicate to your overall business identity should factor into your transaction emails. Brand your emails to be a visual representation of your company culture, belief systems and characteristics. Determine how these visual concepts make you stand out among your competitors. Everything from your graphics, images, displays, button’s, fonts and colors should exude a carefully crafted pixel perfect perception of your company. Don’t forget we live in a mobile world, so make sure your emails are responsive and that they look amazing on all devices.

Buyers Persona's: Who Are Your Consumers?

2. Buyers Persona's: Who Are Your Consumers?

Isn’t it nice when someone remembers your name? When was the last time you went to your favorite retailer and they actually remembered your name? It’s far and few between. The best way to build relationship is to be authentic and personal, especially in our digital age. But for most emails, personalization doesn’t go beyond lazily automating someone’s first name. But taking it a step further with advanced personalization using Buyer Personas reap big benefits for your business. Using Buyer Persona’s you can customize your message to the ideals of an individual niche consumer. You can create buyer personas for your business through telephone interviews, questionnaires and market research. Then further tailor your message by asking questions that determine the specific demographics of your market and adapting your emails accordingly.

A survey by Forrester (with 100 B2C marketers participating), documented more than 94% of respondents that said personalization allowed them success with their short-term goals and 97% noted it is crucial for long-term strategies.

Segmentation: After Gathering all the facts. Get personal.

3. Segmentation: After Gathering all the facts. Get personal.

You can also create outstanding transactional email experiences by tracking purchase behavior using interactive reports for open rates, click through rates, and deliverability. No one customer is the same, which means you should treat each customer uniquely.

Location: Segmenting email lists by consumer location, allows your business to invite customers to local live events tailored for their city.

Gender: Using tactics to persuade according to gender differences can prove important to your business model. Men and women are different in the way they respond to marketing and even color palate.

Age: Segmentation done by age group enables you to market products and services according to the demographic. Baby boomers will respond to marketing differently than Generation X for the same product. You can also further structure the needs of your customers using segmentation and retargeting according to buying patterns. In this way you can make further product recommendations to customers in their transactional emails.

Surveys: Get Customers Feedback

4. Surveys: Get Customers Feedback

Since customers are the life of your business, it’s important to understand their perspective. For example, you might ask your customers their opinions on your website, general fulfillment, overall product satisfaction, pricing, competitiveness, and sales process. Ask customers for preferable ways to engage them in the future that you may not have thought of. Offer incentives, such as a coupon for committing time to your business survey. Get inside the minds of your customers by inviting them to improve your product with their recommendations. Query them on their online buying experience of your services, to then initiate website additions that surpass expectations. Trust the sentiments of your customers as part of the process of continuously transforming your business to one that is superior to your competitors. The art of the survey should compel confidence in your customers by genuine acknowledgement of their reflections.

Content Marketing: Videos, testimonials, interviews, infographics, podcasts and more.

5. Content Marketing: Videos, testimonials, interviews, infographics, podcasts and more.

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Content Marketing Institute

From the title to the text, adding that personal touch provides human connection and a model of proven success for customer retention. Share content that teaches consumers interesting things about the product they purchased. Or present products of value that would meet their needs and why they should make the purchase. Create engaging product recommendations within each transactional email that suits buyer preferences. Your transaction email content can include high conversion videos about your products and services. Or you can use previous client testimonials, interviews about your company, podcasts on topics within your niche and much more. Deliberate custom tailored content makes the most of each transactional email and compliments the sales funnel process. Email is the most diplomatic resource to develop alliances and continuity with your customers.

Our seasoned creative technology team offers advantageous sales solutions using sophisticated email strategies. Let us help you craft a transactional email strategy that has panache, authenticity, stunning branding and results that speak for themselves.

Feb 23rd 2016 San Diego Media

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