Marketing 101: Mastering the Welcome Email

Marketing 101: Mastering the Welcome Email

Last week, we discussed 15 interesting facts about email. This week, we’re going to explore one of the most important campaigns for attracting and keeping subscriptions: the welcome email.

As a thank-you for purchasing a first product or subscribing to your email list, the welcome email is the first online correspondence a customer will receive. The average open email for a welcome email is 42% higher than all other promotional email. This means that first impressions matter. How do you keep your open rate high week after week when you’re competing with potentially hundreds of other retailers? Follow the steps below to begin on a strong note.

Set up automation. Return Path conducted an in-depth, five-year study on email marketing entitled “The Email Subscriber Experience.” Back when the study began, less than half of businesses were sending welcome emails. By the end, 80% were. The majority of (75%) companies sent welcome emails the same day customers subscribed. In contrast, 13% waited one day, 7% waited two or three days and the last 5% waited more than three days. What happened? The industry realized that the moment customers subscribe is when they are most interested in a business. Plus, sending automated messages today is easier than ever with the variety of sophisticated email platforms available.

Thank the customer. If someone just purchased a product from your website, sending a warm message with a subscription link can turn him or her from a one-time buyer to a returning customer. Likewise, a personalized email will let new subscribers know they made a good decision in signing up to receive your content. You can say something as simple as “Thank You for Subscribing” or as playful as “Welcome to the Party.” Depending on the tone and image of your company, there are endless wording possibilities. Just make sure that the note is conversational and friendly.

Highlight the subscription benefits. Your website is not the only one your customers are subscribed to, and receiving email all day long can be a nuisance. Highlight the subscription benefits your business offers – whether they’re discounts, sale announcements, exclusive content or even a general roundup of popular products. Knowing straight away they’ll be missing out will help deter recipients from unsubscribing in the future.

Offer a special gift. Prove that your promise of exclusive content isn’t just empty words by providing an exclusive offer in the first email. Coupons, for example, make people feel like they’re saving money even when they’re spending it. The best part is exclusive discounts improve your brand’s relationship with the customer in the long term while directing them to make a purchase in the short term.

Place a clear call to action. It’s hard to be too straightforward when it comes to telling your subscribers what you want them to do. A bright button or bold text can help highlight your call to action. Make sure to keep text to a minimum and the design of your campaign simple, and consider including a “refer to a friend” button to remind customers you want them to spread the word.

Don’t forget social buttons. Do you update your business’ Twitter account weekly? Do you constantly upload new content to your Facebook page? Make sure all that hard work doesn’t go to waste by incorporating social media buttons in your email campaign. The welcome email is the perfect opportunity to attract new followers, and most platforms today offer a variety of social media buttons to choose from so you can match your brand’s style.

With a $38 ROI for every dollar spent, email is one of the most valuable tools an eCommerce business has; the welcome email makes the first impression, establishing what kind of content your customers will receive and will help them determine whether they will stay subscribed. Need some inspiration for a streamlined design. Take a look at these two great examples from Huckberry and Ann Taylor:  

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May 11th 2016 San Diego Media

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